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Paul Gordon is a Professional Magician & Entertainer. Corporate Hospitality, Weddings, Dinners and Parties. Plus, Magic Lecturer, Author, Creator & Magic Shopping

Gold Dust Trilogy 'Best Of' Card Magic Books
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Professional Close-up Magician & Entertainer Associate Inner Magic Circle “Top-Quality Magic & Entertainment for Weddings, Parties, Dinners & Receptions” Plus Magic Books, Tricks, DVDs & Lectures for Magicians Paul Gordon Copyright © Paul Gordon & Natzler Enterprises. No part of this website (images, wording, style, format etc) maybe copied, translated, transferred or duplicated in any way whatsoever. All rights reserved. Home | Biog | Letters | Photos | Video | Lecture | Brighton | Contact | Wedding | Capers | Shop | Sussex | Parties  | Magic Shop | About | Gold

Welcome   (Skip to the chase - watch the promo video HERE. It “says” it all)

Welcome to the website of Paul Gordon. Paul is a Professional close-up Magician and Entertainer specialising in strolling (walkabout) and table magic for Weddings, Parties, Receptions, Dinners, and Corporate Hospitality. Paul is an associate of The Inner Magic Circle in London. (Magicians, see his Shop, Gold Dust Trilogy and information about his highly-acclaimed Lectures)

Close-up magic is the ideal ice-breaker. It keeps people busy, it entertains them, it amazes them and it’s fun! For weddings, the most-popular time to entertain your guests is during the photo shoot. Aside from the magic and entertainment, Paul will “bring together” both sides of the family so that by the time they sit down for the wedding breakfast, they all have met each other. He can also, if required, entertain during the meal or as guests arrive for the evening party. Either way, his magic is fun and jaw-dropping!

For parties, receptions and dinners – the best time to entertain your guests is as they arrive. As we say, it’s a great ice-breaker! (More info here.) Pease visit the links to see his promotional video (watch Paul in action), read the letters of thanks and look at the photos. We hope that he can be of service, and if so, he will give you all a function to remember forever! Thank you for visiting his website. Please contact us today for prices and more information and a friendly chat.


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Top-Quality Close-up Magic & Entertainment Weddings - Parties - Dinners - Lunches - Corporate Plus; Magic Lecturer, Creator, Author & Online Magic Shop


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Gold Dust Trilogy 'Best Of' Card Magic Books

Associate Inner Magic Circle