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Do you like Card Tricks? Check out the Paul Gordon Gold Dust Trilogy of Magic Books HERE Quidnunc Book & 2-DVD set HERE and Gold Dust Live 3-DVD set HERE

Gold Dust Trilogy Card Magic Books & DVD Set
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Contents of Books & DVDs by Paul Gordon

CONTENTS of CARD STARTLERS 2-DVD set: Diminishing? Not Likely!, Twister, The Eight Of Diamonds Trick, Perfect Prediction Premonition, Totally Baffling Card Control, Taser Aces, Four-Way False Cut and Control, Carbon Footprints,  The World's Best Card Trick, ITHEC, Dr. Daley, I Presume?, Strollers Delight, Psychotronic Rides Again, Psychotronic Rides Once More, Discombobulated,  Knock 'Em Dead, Eureka!, Caused Effect, The Amazing Four-Card Trick, Fry Them With Oil and Water, Mars Life, Impromptu Mars Life, Shocked Aces, Nomadic Aces, The Lady Vanishes, Stud!, Powerhouse, Easy Ace Estimation,  Corner Of Piccadilly (performance only), Hot Flush, Elle Vate, Poker Schmoker, Twin Peeks & Jinx Force Concept.  Sleights include: Multiple Lift, Diminishing Lift, Atfus, Secret Subtraction, Stud Double Lift, Jogshuffle, Benzais Spin Cut, Elmsley Count, Centre Double, Bottom Palm, Unloading Move, Braue Reverse, Double Undercut, Dingle No-Lap Switch, Reverse Faro, Straddle Faro, Bilis Lift, Lorayne Reverse, Estimation, Jinx Switch and more...

CONTENTS of KILLER CARD STUFF 1-DVD set: All Backs Triple Kicker, Carnival Con, COPWAKED, Ambitious Classic Variation, Baby Dudeney, Flush Out The Oil & Water, Gypsy Curse, Jeepers Creepers, Killer Observation Test, Memory Estimation & Magic, Triple Kick Monte, Psychedelic Foursome, OMG!, Spectrum, The Sting, The Corner of Piccadilly and a bonus item, The Ultimate Transposition


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