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Killer Card Magic - Magic YOU Can Do

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Here you get both sets of DVDs: Killer Card Stuff AND Card Startlers. A total of approx. 5 hours, 47 really powerful worker card tricks performed in front of a real laymen audience and full explanations!

This offer saves you £7.

See the reviews page for the RAVES that both sets are still getting! Click buttons above in main listings to see video demos from both sets!

NOTE: In PAL format (for the UK), but should play on all modern players (outside of the UK). We’ve never had issues with this before, but check your  manual before ordering. If the discs won’t play on your DVD player, they will play on your computer. We apologise for one or two minor “focus” and “sound” glitches on the Startlers discs.

Contents HERE

In total, 47 Worker tricks, 3 Discs,
5 Hours and It’s ALL Visual/Commercial!


"If ever there was a "worker," this is it! The kicker is truly astounding!" DAVID REGAL in Genii.

Corner of Piccadilly uses a great-looking set of antique-effect playing cards. These cards are easy to handle and look great; the look genuinely antique! Remember; Corner of Piccadilly is a GAFF-FREE (no fake cards) trick. You end clean. Easy reset! See the VIDEO DEMO. NOTE: Supplied in antique Poker Size cards and not in ‘long’ cards as depicted on video. Effect: A three/four Card Monte with a SURPRISE KICKER ending! Three RED cards and one BLACK card are used in a three-card monte routine (no hard moves); but - you end up with THREE BLACK cards and ONE RED card! Easy to do, no gaffs, easy reset and starts and ends clean! A professionals routine. A BEST-SELLER!


Paul Gordon's Card Startlers 2-DVD 30 card tricks set

2-disc DVD set. 30 powerful card tricks performed and fully taught. Nearly 3 hours of top-quality doable card magic!  Watch Paul Gordon entertain (lots of laughs & dropped jaws) and “fry” his audiences with this material! This is all powerful “worker” material and this set is jam-packed with great magic. Watch the video demos and see the full contents listing; click the buttons (on the right). “Excellent DVD set! Highly recommended!” - Cameron Francis

Card Startlers really is jam-packed with goodies. 30 beauties. All workers and all magical! ” Full contents - opens in new window)

NOTE: In PAL format (for the UK), but should play on all modern players (outside of the UK). We’ve never had issues with this before, but check your  manual before ordering. If the discs won’t play on your DVD player, they will play on your computer. We apologise for one or two minor “focus” and “sound” glitches on the discs. The quality & quantity of great magic on these discs more than makes up for the minor imperfections.

Paul Gordon's Jeepers Creepers


This IS a killer! Jeepers Creepers is the phrase a well-known card magician (J.C Wagner) gulped when I first showed it him. Watch the video to see a royal flush magically appear...and then some! This is a practical strolling trick that packs a heck of a wallop.

Regular cards - regular sleights! All can be examined at the end.

“Hey Paul; this is a killer. I didn’t see the flush coming...and as for the extra surprise, I gotta’ say you really fooled me.” J.C Wagner (Blackpool 2008)

COPWAKED is a JUMBO card trick for mini-cabaret, big tables in restaurants, trade shows and conventions. Also, ok for close-up! It is a true worker!


“A great routine; very entertaining” - Graham Jolley

“Visual & fun!” - Jim Sisti

“I’ve already added it to my act!” - Etienne Pradier

“A twist they won’t see coming!” - Nick Einhorn

“COPWAKED ticks all the boxes!” - Peter Duffie

“A very good worker!” - Paul Green

Paul Gordon's COPWAKED Jumbo Card Trick


Paul Gordon's The Red Herring


A funny and unique look at the Three-Card Monte / Find The Lady Premise. The Red Herring was an instant "smash" in 2008 and quickly went out of print. It's now back with even better "Bicycle Like" cards. Top-quality. Raves by Peter Duffie, J.C Wagner and more! Watch the video!... J. C Wagner USED The Red Herring at his bar in the USA. It’s a worker!

Paul Gordon's Killer Observation Test


Well, the video says it all. But, this trick ONLY uses 5 cards. It is, IMHO, a KILLER! Visual and really easy.

Four blue cards are shown as four of a kind. An extra card appears and then all the backs are shown to be different!

From Peter Duffie: “I really like this. The sudden surprise ending got me. There are discrepancies which I missed -- but I love discrepancies. I think you have a winner here!”

Effect: Five cards are shown to be five duplicates. The cards are turned over to reveal faces on both sides; there are no backs. Then, instantly, five red backs are shown. One card is pocketed; the remaining duplicates are shown to have four totally different back colours. Ends clean! All cards supplied. This is one of Paul Gordon’s favourite pocket card tricks. It was first released in the 90’s, but is back with a much better handling. WATCH the video demo - see right. It’s a killer multi-surprise packet trick and only requires intermediate card skills. “Again, Paul Gordon has created another ‘worker’ blockbuster!” - Magic Cafe

Paul Gordon's Spectrum Strikes Back


NEW cards for 2015. Since 2008, Psychedlic Foursome has been one of the most popular card tricks in the business, but not available with Aces. It is now! Great looking cards, too.  What you see on the video is what you get!

“One of the BEST packet tricks ever!” - Aldo Colombini

Paul Gordon's NEW Psychedelic Foursome



SPECIAL 9  Card Tricks Bundle - SAVE £40

Get your bundle of goodies NOW. SAVES you £40. Usual price is £90


You get 9 of Paul's BEST-SELLING worker packet card tricks. See top of page for full descriptions and video demos are above in the main listings.

These are tricks that Paul, and many others, do - walkabout/standing - professionally. They are all doable, powerful and practical!

They really are WORKERS! Strong visual magic that is mostly pretty easy to do; standard sleights only!

Watch a few demos! Click buttons listed above.





SAVE £40 (4 FREE Tricks)

Corner of Piccadilly

Psychedelic Foursome

Spectrum Strikes Back

The Observation Test

Jeepers Creepers

Killer OMG


The Red Herring

The Ultimate Sting

Paul Gordon's The Ultimate Sting - "The BEST Packet Trick!" - J.C Wagner


This first appeared on Card Rarities DVD (with permission from John Bannon). At last the cards are available. At 4F's someone said, "Wow! Royal Scam on speed! This is good!" Top-quality cards. This is a worker. J.C Wagner used this trick at his bar! Watch the video. Carry anywhere and do anytime!

“Probably the best of all worker packet tricks!” - The Magic Cafe (reviews)

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Paul Gordon Card Magic Ebooks

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Paul Gordon's Killer Card Stuff DVD - 18 Powerful Tricks


SEVENTEEN worker tricks that have NEVER been on DVD before; plus a sleights section. Nearly 2 hours of top-quality card magic you will use!

Contents: All Backs Triple Kicker, Carnival Con, COPWAKED, Ambitious Classic Variation, Baby Dudeney, Flush Out The Oil & Water, Gypsy Curse, Jeepers Creepers, Killer Observation Test, Memory Estimation & Magic, Triple Kick Monte, Psychedelic Foursome, OMG!, Spectrum, The Sting, The Corner of Piccadilly and a bonus item, The Ultimate Transposition. Click video buttons on the various packet tricks listed on this page to see demos.

Note: The DVD is in PAL format (for the UK) which will play on most modern international DVD players. If not, it will play on your home PC.

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Paul Gordon's Killer OMG - "The BEST Worker Packet Trick!" - Magic Cafe

The Effect: A four of a kind is shown having regular Bicycle blue backs. Using an "observation test" patter, one by one they magically turn face up. As the spectators didn't see it happen, you say they should have gone to Specsavers. A funny eye-test card is shown. But then, all the backs instantly change colour and design! And, all can be examined and the re-set is instant! Regular sleights used.

Killer Card Stuff & Card Startlers DVD sets Offer

New & Rare Magic Ebooks at

Ed Marlo In The UK & Paul Gordon’s The Unplanned Card Book

The Second 16th Card Books by Paul Gordon & Tom Craven (magic by Max Maven, Elmsley, Walton, Fulves and more!)

Paul Gordon The Real Secrets of Card Magic & Easy Card Stuff

Paul Gordon’s Explorations & Carbon Footprints (magic by Duffie, Racherbaumer & more!)

Victor Farelli, Percy Naldrett Memoir & Ralph Hull Complete Eye-Openers

Eddie Joseph Complete Dumbfounders & Stanley Collins Card Conceits


Card Magic Ebooks

Gordon, Maven, Fulves, Lorayne, Elmsley, Duffie, Racherbaumer


Paul Gordon's The Corner of Piccadilly

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“We think Gold Dust is a GREAT book! It’s enormous and beautiful! Lots of clever strong magic. ” - Vanishing Inc
“We think Gold Dust is a GREAT book! It’s enormous and beautiful! Lots of clever strong magic. ” - Vanishing Inc
“We think Gold Dust is a GREAT book! It’s enormous and beautiful! Lots of clever strong magic. ” - Vanishing Inc
Gold Dust Trilogy 'Best Of' Card Magic Books Gold Dust Trilogy 'Best Of' Card Magic Books Gold Dust Trilogy 'Best Of' Card Magic Books