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The Paul Gordon Card & Close-up Magic Lecture

For Your Club, Society and/or Convention

The Paul Gordon Close-up Magic Lecture has travelled the world. In fact, he has visited (and lectured in) America seven times since 1994; the first being at Tannen’s Jubilee in New York and also at Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolics in New York. In The UK, he has lectured for over 90 different clubs since 1994; including four times at The Magic Circle in London and at Mark Leveridge’s Close-up Symposium. Plus lectures in France, Monaco (Stars of Magic), Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Spain, France & Germany.

The lecture is entertaining (fun & light-hearted) and full of 'doable' usable (but strong) magic from his best-selling and highly acclaimed books, DVDs and award-winning professional repertoire.

Download Paul Gordon’s

Lecture Leaflet (pdf) Here


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“It is rare to see a magician who can entertain a lecture audience that much with just a deck of cards. But Paul Gordon is one of them! His shows are as funny as the magic he performs is strong. Paul perfectly knows what the spectators enjoy and deliver it to them with great humour and killer effects.” - Boris Wild

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