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The Paul Gordon Close-up Magic Lecture has travelled the world. In fact, he has lectured in America seven times since 1992; including Tannen’s Jubilee in New York and Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolics also in New York. In The UK, he has lectured for over 90 different clubs since 1987; including four times at The Magic Circle in London and at Mark Leveridge’s Close-up Symposium. Plus lectures in France, Monaco (Stars of Magic), Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Belgium & Germany. Plus,a prestigious Penguin lecture in 2016 and an At The Table lecture in 2017. The lecture is entertaining (fun & light-hearted) and full of 'doable' usable (but strong) magic from his best-selling and highly acclaimed Gold Dust books, Quidnunc book, Quidnunc Plus DVDs, Gold Dust DVDs and award-winning professional repertoire.

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A few more Lecture Reviews...

“Your depth of experience and passion for the art came shining through, and I like where you pitch your work for lecture audiences - not ultra-advanced and finger-flingy, but not so simple as to be trite. It's all smart and practical, and you present it all brilliantly.” - Ian Rowland

“Brilliant lecture. Apart from the well chosen mix of card magic, it was great to see a seasoned working pro performing materiel that's clearly been performed hundreds of times over, with great gags and one liners structured in the routines.” - Wayne Fox

“The funniest and most entertaining lecture I’ve seen in years! Jeez, you’re good. Kinda stuff I love!” - J.C Wagner

“Paul Gordon’s lecture is stunning! It’s funny, fast and contains my type of commercial magic. Paul is a great lecturer! Bravo my friend! - Aldo Colombini

Paul performs and teaches (in a fun & informal way) magic from his best-selling Gold Dust & Quidnunc Books & DVDs. The lecture is fun and informative, but not 'heavy.'  Most of his magic is attainable by the “average” club member. It’s not all knuckle-busting but it is powerful. Even non-cardmen will enjoy it! The ‘club’ lecture costs £150 plus travel (and possible accommodation) expenses. For magic conventions (to undertake lectures, shows, workshops etc), his fee starts at £500. If you wish to book, or ask for more info, please Contact Paul Gordon today.

Watch PG Performing Live here!

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The Paul Gordon Card Magic Lecture

For Your Magic Club, Society, Gathering and/or Convention

“Paul Gordon held some fifty people enthralled. His command is phenomenal. With his showmanship and personality he makes card tricks entertaining and meaningful. He has them hanging onto his every word; not just for a few minutes but for an hour or so! Watch Paul Gordon perform on his Gold Dust Live DVD to see what proper card magic looks like and the response it gets.” - Walt Lees


“It is rare to see a magician who can entertain an audience that much with just a deck of cards. But Paul Gordon is one of them! His shows are as funny as the magic he performs is strong. Paul perfectly knows what the spectators enjoy and deliver it to them with great humour and killer effects.

It’s a fun fast-paced lecture full of commercial worker card magic